Introducing Hong Kong Insight

Hong Kong Insight (HKI) is hosted by the Hong Kong Studies Association as a platform for academics working on Hong Kong to summarise and promote their latest research be that a new book, article, conference paper or a recent lecture.

We know that there is important research being done on Hong Kong by scholars in the United Kingdom, the rest of Europe and further afield. HKI wants to recognise this and act as a hub - collating this work to promote it and encourage more academics to engage with Hong Kong studies.

The blog aims to promote research from a variety of disciplines and cover everything from politics to economics, to culture and society. 

We understand that academics have many competing priorities and that finding additional time to write can be a challenge. Therefore, we are not asking contributors to reinvent the wheel! 

If you wish to write for us, we ask that a blog be 700 words on your own research (we are not looking for polemics or current affairs commentary). This short, concise format is designed to inform the reader of your work’s main themes or arguments and entice them to go further, by buying the book, downloading the paper or attending your next talk. We do not want to impose a strict writing style (be creative!) so long as what is written is clear and the language accessible. 

If you are interested in contributing to HKI please contact Darill on